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For those following me because of my pixel art and my graphic novel project, rather than for my music, it's important I inform you that my pixel art on it is going to look different in the next post; simply because it is evolving into my own style of pixel art.

Here's a comparison from earlier this year (left) and now (right):


In the next page/thread my backgrounds will be more detailed and have more dithering based shading as I'm going for a more commodore-esque look, however characters will have bold outlines and less details/shading than the background, which will translate well into the animated panels, making the characters stand out more (unless they are specific stylized reaction shots of characters or something of that nature).

The novel itself will have wider pages, as before they were 320p in width, now they will be 480p in width, this means that panels can be bigger and have more details in them and more text can be written on each page. There will also be more animated panels, but most animations will be very simple as they will all share the same gif file (for quality control reasons). That means that if I have an animation that is 12 frames and another that is 8, I would have to multiply both of them to 24 so that they all loop perfectly and the more frames it has the bigger the file gets. The file size limit on newgrounds art posts is about 150Mb and nothing I have posted so far has gotten remotely close to that, so I doubt I will have to make literal 2 frame animations, but I'm not gonna get crazy with it either.

The first post of Hex Nu Jungle was pretty short, it had few panels and only really introduced the characters. The next post will be at least twice as big (I'm just gonna keep adding to it until I think it's done) and will be called Act 1 - 1, the official title and subtitle for this first act is "Hex Nu Jungle: Firefly Method" and it will be divided into about 3 to 5 parts before it ends. I still ask that anyone who hasn't seen the intro go check it out if they intend on following the story.

As of yesterday I have started working on the art for the project again and some of what is written here about file sizes and the like are just estimations. I have put a lot of thought into how I will proceed with it and I hope to get this part done in 1 month or at the most 1 month and a half.

I'm pretty active in the NG discord server, but I've been thinking about making my own forum just for HNJ on this site for people to ask questions and for me to talk about it and update people on it and show my progress (since my news posts also include my paypal links and music projects), but I think I don't really have the fan base to warrant one, so I'll leave it to the people: would y'all like to see a Hex Nu Jungle forum, or should I wait and let it grow first?